Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Update

Classes begin in a few weeks and that means another start of a great year filled with Butler Athletics. I am in the process of discussing what I hope will be the "next big thing" for Dawg Pound and Butler Athletics in general, but I am not sharing that information with you yet. Also all of our sponsors are set for this year, and we do have a few new ones, so look for us during Block Party to see who they are.

Tomorrow marks the official opening of the season with the Women's soccer team taking on Indianapolis! And glad to see the guys got back from Italy safely! That is all for now just a quick update, keep checking back though as you never know what will happen around here.

Edit: I forgot two important things! First, former Bulldog Mike Green is headed to Belgium to continue on his journey of playing professional basketball. Good luck to him and congratulations to the Belgium fans that now get the pleasure of watching a true floor general at work.

And finally, a little shuffling in the AD department as Bulldog great Don Benbow retires after 36 years of service. Read about it:

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