Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome new members and sponsors!

"Wow!" That is all that I can say when thinking about Block Party yesterday. One of the best things to witness and be apart of that is for sure, music, free give-aways, and most importantly Dawg Pound signups begin! In only the little time that Block Party provided we now welcome 557 new members! That sets a new record for the amount of people to sign up at one event, which gets us excited that this year we can surpass our member total of 1200 from last year! Thanks to everyone who signed up early and to those of you who didn't do not panic as you can sign up all year round. We will be having office hours on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 4-8pm. Our office is on the third floor of Atherton Union - room 306. Feel free to drop by then to sign up or meet us in front of the football gates on September 5th.

Remember that this year we are starting something new: 1st year members are $20, 2nd year members are only $15, and 3rd and 4th year members are only $10. All shirts and membership cards will be distributed at the first football game on September 5th. Don't forget to bring your ID so we can check you off the list.

ALSO I would like to welcome our sponsors for the 2009-2010 season: Thank you to Marcos, Qdoba, Bagel Ripple Deli, Noodles, and Red Mango. While we continue to be impressed with the great partnerships we have formed with Marcos, Bagel Ripplel Deli, and Qdoba; we would like to welcome two new sponsors this year. Noodles and Red Mango are as excited as we are this year to make this the best year yet. Look out for all the discounts that members will get with their member cards and go see them soon!

More later..

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