Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monthly Updates..?

Well although I have not planned it, and I was hoping to be updating more often than this, I seem to be following a pattern of updates exactly a month a part so far since I have created this blog. With that though, it means today is an update day!

Today was filled with excitement at Hinkle Fieldhouse, not only did we get to watch Butler dismantle Ohio State for what could be the last time in a awhile, but we also got to recognize all of our championship fall sport teams. Watching the men and women's cross country team, men's soccer, and football team walk onto Hinkle's floor with each of their respected championship trophies was enough to make the day a success. Luckily, Butler fans were in for much more.

There were Dawg Pound members camped out since the early morning to ensure their front row spots for this showdown, there were ESPN posters being constructed throughout pre-game, there were recruits sitting in Hinkle (some for the first time), all to watch our Bulldogs take on former player and head coach Matta's Ohio State Buckeyes. As has been mentioned by many media outlets, there might not be a better place to take in a basketball game on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The day did not disappoint with Butler winning 74-66.

During pre-game we got a chance to catch up with Butler's Top 150 recruit Khyle Marshall who was visiting for a game for the first time in Hinkle Fieldhouse. Afterwards he could not express more how excited he was to play here next year. "That was a great experience. A packed house, fans we're crazy, the atmosphere was incredible. It made me want to go out there and play already!" Well trust me Khyle, I am not the only one who can't wait for you to "go out there and play already!"

Another topic to address is the Dawg Pound itself. Many have probably noticed that this is one of the best Dawg Pound's we have ever had. Although I would like to attribute all of the success to the current executive board, I have to give most of the credit to the incoming freshman class. We were approached by the Freshman Caucus earlier this year to host an event to get the Freshman class more involved and excited for the season. Last Saturday before the the Valpo home game, we gathered in the HRC to eat (courtesy of one of our sponsors Qdoba) and talk everything Butler. This group did not need much to get them excited. Our only away trip this season so far was filled with a charter bus of Freshman, many of which had their first experience with the Hoosier movie watching ritual on the way to Northwestern.

I also cannot take away all of the fans that have been going crazy in the Pound for years now either. There has been more communication between exec and the Dawg Pound members this year than any other with Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, and listserv messages. We have the point system almost perfected and great sponsors. HH Greg now on board with the Athletic Department and gives away amazing prizes to Dawg Pound participants each home game. It is truly great to be a Butler fan and more importantly a Dawg Pound member.

Enjoying Dickie V's company in New York before the Georgetown Game!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Question and Answer with our New Bulldogs!

I know I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I had to wait until we had three new recruits signed before I could post these short answers. While I was gone I am sure many have caught the hype that continues to build around our Fall sports here at Butler.

  • Mens Soccer won the Horizon League regular season championship and plays in a semi-final game Friday at 2:30 against Cleveland State (the only conference team to beat them this year)
  • Women's Volleyball remained undefeated at home and clinched third place for the Horizon League Tournament coming up.
  • Cross Country sweeping the Mens and Womens Horizon League Championships
  • And of course our Football team is 9-0 and the Horizon League title will come down to the final home game on Nov. 21. (Word on the street is Drake already has a fan bus on order)
As our fall sports are posting more and more wins and championships around the league, the men's basketball team is preparing for a season that is unlike any other. Never before has a Butler team had this much hype and excitement following them before the season has started. It seems this will be something that fans and players alike are just going to have to get used to as the 2010 recruiting class that signed yesterday does not show a drop in talent.

I asked Erik, Khyle, and Chrishawn four questions that I thought I would share with the rest of you fans, so that you can join me in getting excited for the next 4-5 and even more years of Butler Basketball.


1. What was the most exciting part about recruitment? And in the end, what set Butler above your other offers?

2. What are you excited about most about joining the Bulldogs? And how do you see yourself fitting into the lineup?

3. What are your goals for your Senior year?

4. Will Butler win a national championship your freshman year?

Erik Fromm
  1. The most exciting part was knowing that one of my favorite teams was interested in me. It gave me a lot of confidence in making my decision. I chose Butler because of the academics, basketball program, and location. In addition, Coach Stevens is an amazing person/coach
  2. I'm very excited to become a part of the great team we will have my freshman year. I can't wait. I see myself fitting into the lineup in any way that Coach Stevens wants. I'm willing to play any position to benefit the team.
  3. The goal for this season is of course, to win state again. That's the ultimate goal that every team reaches for.
  4. (In reference to question number 3) That's the goal, isn't it? :)

Chrishawn Hopkins
  1. the most exciting part about my recruiting was by the end of July i had over 60 division 1 schools looking at me and butler just made me one of their top priorities and made such an effort to come to all my games during the summer
  2. i am excited to join a team that is already good and I'm just going to add to the progress that butler is moving forward to and i feel i will fit in great from going to all the open gyms with the guys on the team we all play the same style which makes it a better transition for me into my freshman year
  3. i want to make a great impact during my freshman year and hope to go far in the tournament
  4. i cant promise anything lol but that's what i have been praying for and i hope to contribute to us making it there
Khyle Marshall
  1. The most exciting part would definitely be the visits. I chose butler because they have the perfect balance of both basketball and academics. They're selected to the tournament every year and they have top notch academics. It's also a situation where I can immediately compete for playing time.
  2. I'm excited about joining a great group of guys that really take their business on the court seriously and they also have a close relationship both on and off the court. I think I can fit in real well with the lineup. That plays a major part in my decision. Whether or not I can fit in and I felt that when I was playin with them in open gym.
  3. I want to leave Flanagan with some form of a championship before I leave. Whether it's districts, regionals or states. I just want to leave knowing what it feels like to be a champion.
  4. I think Butler will definitely have a shot of winning the national championship my freshman year. We have the talent and the coaching to be a contender for a national championship.
So it is time to welcome a new era of Butler Basketball and start getting used to the hype!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stay Tuned

I am in the process of trying to get one of our sponsors to provide some early morning food for Dawg Pound members before the Blue and White Scrimmage on the 24th! Coach Stevens has personally invited all Dawg Pound members to attend and get their first look at both the 2009-2010 Men's and Women's basketball teams.

Also keep checking back here, as I will have an update soon for a little question and answer with our 2010 men's basketball recruiting class.

Look for the Men's Soccer team to be ranked or at least receiving votes if they continue their great play. Beat Valpo tonight a few days after upsetting #14 Indiana in Bloomington. With only one loss on the year and being undefeated in conference, look for the Bulldogs to be a strong contender for the Horizon League Title.

With a BYE week this weekend, also watch out for the 5-0 Football team to continue their impressive season next week at home against Valpo.

Women's Soccer beat Wright State today to put them into a tie for 2nd place in the league standings, they continue play at Cleveland State on Friday.

Volleyball suffered a loss today against Loyola in a tough match to keep them in 2nd place in the standings as well. Their next match is Saturday at home against Youngstown State.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dawg Pound growing by the day...

Wow, time just flies when you have some many things to keep updated! There has been a lot that has happened in Butler Athletics since my last update and the Bulldogs are looking good so far this season! Check out for all of the updates!

The Dawg Pound has been looking good recently with the taking over of the Jungle at IUPUI for our women's volleyball game. And we are also making our presence known at our Football games so far supporting our undefeated team. More and more people are picking up their shirts and signing up to be apart of the biggest thing on campus. Make sure to keep checking here and my twitter page ( for more updates.

Some big basketball recruits have and are still coming to campus so if you see some, make sure to welcome them to Butler!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome new members and sponsors!

"Wow!" That is all that I can say when thinking about Block Party yesterday. One of the best things to witness and be apart of that is for sure, music, free give-aways, and most importantly Dawg Pound signups begin! In only the little time that Block Party provided we now welcome 557 new members! That sets a new record for the amount of people to sign up at one event, which gets us excited that this year we can surpass our member total of 1200 from last year! Thanks to everyone who signed up early and to those of you who didn't do not panic as you can sign up all year round. We will be having office hours on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 4-8pm. Our office is on the third floor of Atherton Union - room 306. Feel free to drop by then to sign up or meet us in front of the football gates on September 5th.

Remember that this year we are starting something new: 1st year members are $20, 2nd year members are only $15, and 3rd and 4th year members are only $10. All shirts and membership cards will be distributed at the first football game on September 5th. Don't forget to bring your ID so we can check you off the list.

ALSO I would like to welcome our sponsors for the 2009-2010 season: Thank you to Marcos, Qdoba, Bagel Ripple Deli, Noodles, and Red Mango. While we continue to be impressed with the great partnerships we have formed with Marcos, Bagel Ripplel Deli, and Qdoba; we would like to welcome two new sponsors this year. Noodles and Red Mango are as excited as we are this year to make this the best year yet. Look out for all the discounts that members will get with their member cards and go see them soon!

More later..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the games begin...

Freshman have moved in and everyone else is herding to campus for classes this Wednesday and with that marks the 2009-2010 Butler University school year! Today we met in the Wildman room of historic Hinkle Fieldhouse for our first meeting as a new Dawg Pound exec and I came away even more excited than I thought. This year is going to be one of the most exciting seasons Butler Athletics and fans have seen in quite sometime. We plan on meeting every other week so that we can stay on top of events that we want to plan as well as to keep the communication of past events fresh. Our goal this year is to not only to provide a fun and active environment at Butler Athletic events but also to build a name and a brand that will outlast this year and on to years in the future. I have received a lot of advice and suggestions already and would love more if you have it, as you and I both know we can only make so many people happy, but I WILL read every email and WILL take every suggestion into consideration.

Quick Notes:
  • The women's soccer team has suffered two early losses, both by only one goal. They showed a lot of heart against Purdue as they fought back from a 2-0 deficit to almost tying the game.

  • The tshirts and member cards will be here to pick up at the first home football game (Sept. 5) You can sign up early at Block Party or you can sign up and receive your shirt on the same day at the game! $10 for 3 year members, $15 for 2 year members and $20 for 1 year members!

  • Look for more information on a trip to IUPUI to support the women's volleyball team soon! Trip includes prizes and possibly food on the way to the game! Stay tuned!

Email me:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Update

Classes begin in a few weeks and that means another start of a great year filled with Butler Athletics. I am in the process of discussing what I hope will be the "next big thing" for Dawg Pound and Butler Athletics in general, but I am not sharing that information with you yet. Also all of our sponsors are set for this year, and we do have a few new ones, so look for us during Block Party to see who they are.

Tomorrow marks the official opening of the season with the Women's soccer team taking on Indianapolis! And glad to see the guys got back from Italy safely! That is all for now just a quick update, keep checking back though as you never know what will happen around here.

Edit: I forgot two important things! First, former Bulldog Mike Green is headed to Belgium to continue on his journey of playing professional basketball. Good luck to him and congratulations to the Belgium fans that now get the pleasure of watching a true floor general at work.

And finally, a little shuffling in the AD department as Bulldog great Don Benbow retires after 36 years of service. Read about it:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its been awhile...

I am sorry for the long delay from the first blog until now, but I have been extremely busy! I promise to try to keep this updated with as much information as I can grab from Butler Athletics as well important events in the Dawg Pound. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have all of our sponsors finalized and can send in the new designs for our tshirts to get printed for our first home Football game September 5th. Don't you worry these shirts will not be white!

I am also in the process of drafting a few exciting events for Dawg Pound members this year that will definitely add excitement to the Athletic year, stayed tuned for more on that later.

Well since I haven't updated in awhile why don't I start by highlighting some recent events in Butler Athletics:

1. THIS JUST OUT: CHRISHAWN HOPKINS COMMITS TO BUTLER, welcome the 2010 shooting guard originally from Las Vegas who has been making quite a name from himself in the short time he has been around. Reports suggest Hopkins had over 15 offers and was certainly destined to get more. This is a great pickup for us, as Hopkins is a great shooter and adds an athletic component that we have not seen before. I encourage you to check out his dunk contest videos that have become popular on youtube.

2. Second on the list, Tomorrow August 10th marks the opening of camp for the Butler Football team. Starting in the morning the Bulldogs, along with second team 2009 Football Championship Subdivision Preseason All-American Grant Hunter, prepare for the home opener against Albion.

3. Looks to be another great year for the cross country/track team
- "Butler cross country/track coach Matt Roe has added nine recruits to his 2009-10 men’s and women’s rosters and the incoming class figures to have an immediate impact on the Bulldogs’ successful distance program. The newcomers include eight top women, plus one talented male runner."
Looks to be another great year for the cross country/track team

4. Butler Basketball is in Italy right now and lost to the Swiss National team twice in the first two nights of the trip. Not much emphasis should be put on the losses as this trip helps Coach Stevens get everyone some looks as he figures out the right combination for success. Matt Howard was injured in the last game against the Swiss, but not to worry it is not serious despite the fact he might not play the rest of the trip. It is just for precautions.

5. Girls soccer will open the fall season of Butler Athletics on August 21st against Western Kentucky, before coming home and playing Purdue in the Bowl on the 23rd. This is going to be an exciting year!

6. And finally, got a makeover and was revealed last week. I encourage you to check it out and order some tickets for this season's teams.

Look forward to more news soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Post!

Well I have been busy trying to get some new online ways for you to follow what is going on at Butler- more importantly what is going on with Butler Athletics. I have created a Twitter site which I am learning today that hopefully we can update from cell phones during both home and away games. And now I am opening up a blog for the Dawg Pound that our new executive board and members can post on. I plan on being involved all summer with students, faculty, and alumni to work out the best way to run things next year.

I hope to have weekly blog posts if not more frequent on what we are doing and how Butler Sports are performing. Bare with me as I am new to both blogging and twittering, but will do my best to keep everyone informed. Again any questions and concerns should be sent to! Have a great day!