Thursday, November 12, 2009

Question and Answer with our New Bulldogs!

I know I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I had to wait until we had three new recruits signed before I could post these short answers. While I was gone I am sure many have caught the hype that continues to build around our Fall sports here at Butler.

  • Mens Soccer won the Horizon League regular season championship and plays in a semi-final game Friday at 2:30 against Cleveland State (the only conference team to beat them this year)
  • Women's Volleyball remained undefeated at home and clinched third place for the Horizon League Tournament coming up.
  • Cross Country sweeping the Mens and Womens Horizon League Championships
  • And of course our Football team is 9-0 and the Horizon League title will come down to the final home game on Nov. 21. (Word on the street is Drake already has a fan bus on order)
As our fall sports are posting more and more wins and championships around the league, the men's basketball team is preparing for a season that is unlike any other. Never before has a Butler team had this much hype and excitement following them before the season has started. It seems this will be something that fans and players alike are just going to have to get used to as the 2010 recruiting class that signed yesterday does not show a drop in talent.

I asked Erik, Khyle, and Chrishawn four questions that I thought I would share with the rest of you fans, so that you can join me in getting excited for the next 4-5 and even more years of Butler Basketball.


1. What was the most exciting part about recruitment? And in the end, what set Butler above your other offers?

2. What are you excited about most about joining the Bulldogs? And how do you see yourself fitting into the lineup?

3. What are your goals for your Senior year?

4. Will Butler win a national championship your freshman year?

Erik Fromm
  1. The most exciting part was knowing that one of my favorite teams was interested in me. It gave me a lot of confidence in making my decision. I chose Butler because of the academics, basketball program, and location. In addition, Coach Stevens is an amazing person/coach
  2. I'm very excited to become a part of the great team we will have my freshman year. I can't wait. I see myself fitting into the lineup in any way that Coach Stevens wants. I'm willing to play any position to benefit the team.
  3. The goal for this season is of course, to win state again. That's the ultimate goal that every team reaches for.
  4. (In reference to question number 3) That's the goal, isn't it? :)

Chrishawn Hopkins
  1. the most exciting part about my recruiting was by the end of July i had over 60 division 1 schools looking at me and butler just made me one of their top priorities and made such an effort to come to all my games during the summer
  2. i am excited to join a team that is already good and I'm just going to add to the progress that butler is moving forward to and i feel i will fit in great from going to all the open gyms with the guys on the team we all play the same style which makes it a better transition for me into my freshman year
  3. i want to make a great impact during my freshman year and hope to go far in the tournament
  4. i cant promise anything lol but that's what i have been praying for and i hope to contribute to us making it there
Khyle Marshall
  1. The most exciting part would definitely be the visits. I chose butler because they have the perfect balance of both basketball and academics. They're selected to the tournament every year and they have top notch academics. It's also a situation where I can immediately compete for playing time.
  2. I'm excited about joining a great group of guys that really take their business on the court seriously and they also have a close relationship both on and off the court. I think I can fit in real well with the lineup. That plays a major part in my decision. Whether or not I can fit in and I felt that when I was playin with them in open gym.
  3. I want to leave Flanagan with some form of a championship before I leave. Whether it's districts, regionals or states. I just want to leave knowing what it feels like to be a champion.
  4. I think Butler will definitely have a shot of winning the national championship my freshman year. We have the talent and the coaching to be a contender for a national championship.
So it is time to welcome a new era of Butler Basketball and start getting used to the hype!

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  1. The football team plays in the Pioneer League, not the Horizon League.