Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monthly Updates..?

Well although I have not planned it, and I was hoping to be updating more often than this, I seem to be following a pattern of updates exactly a month a part so far since I have created this blog. With that though, it means today is an update day!

Today was filled with excitement at Hinkle Fieldhouse, not only did we get to watch Butler dismantle Ohio State for what could be the last time in a awhile, but we also got to recognize all of our championship fall sport teams. Watching the men and women's cross country team, men's soccer, and football team walk onto Hinkle's floor with each of their respected championship trophies was enough to make the day a success. Luckily, Butler fans were in for much more.

There were Dawg Pound members camped out since the early morning to ensure their front row spots for this showdown, there were ESPN posters being constructed throughout pre-game, there were recruits sitting in Hinkle (some for the first time), all to watch our Bulldogs take on former player and head coach Matta's Ohio State Buckeyes. As has been mentioned by many media outlets, there might not be a better place to take in a basketball game on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The day did not disappoint with Butler winning 74-66.

During pre-game we got a chance to catch up with Butler's Top 150 recruit Khyle Marshall who was visiting for a game for the first time in Hinkle Fieldhouse. Afterwards he could not express more how excited he was to play here next year. "That was a great experience. A packed house, fans we're crazy, the atmosphere was incredible. It made me want to go out there and play already!" Well trust me Khyle, I am not the only one who can't wait for you to "go out there and play already!"

Another topic to address is the Dawg Pound itself. Many have probably noticed that this is one of the best Dawg Pound's we have ever had. Although I would like to attribute all of the success to the current executive board, I have to give most of the credit to the incoming freshman class. We were approached by the Freshman Caucus earlier this year to host an event to get the Freshman class more involved and excited for the season. Last Saturday before the the Valpo home game, we gathered in the HRC to eat (courtesy of one of our sponsors Qdoba) and talk everything Butler. This group did not need much to get them excited. Our only away trip this season so far was filled with a charter bus of Freshman, many of which had their first experience with the Hoosier movie watching ritual on the way to Northwestern.

I also cannot take away all of the fans that have been going crazy in the Pound for years now either. There has been more communication between exec and the Dawg Pound members this year than any other with Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, and listserv messages. We have the point system almost perfected and great sponsors. HH Greg now on board with the Athletic Department and gives away amazing prizes to Dawg Pound participants each home game. It is truly great to be a Butler fan and more importantly a Dawg Pound member.

Enjoying Dickie V's company in New York before the Georgetown Game!

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