Friday, January 28, 2011

Sippola Update #2

It is the time of the week for another Ben Sippola update. I have been lucky enough to get on the good side of the Columbus Crew and thanks to TJ Ansley, Digital Content Editor for the Columbus Crew, I was able to grab some pictures of Ben Sippola in training.

As you can see in the pictures, Sippola is sporting the #28 jersey and is still competing for a contract and a place in the first team roster. News out of Major League Soccer today, reported that roster size was expanded to 30 players per team. This has to be seen as a positive for Sippola's chances of getting a contract and would allow him more opportunity to impress the coaching staff.

Although pictures cannot tell the whole story, it sure looks as if Sippola is doing his best to show his work ethic and compete for a spot on the team. Sippola seems to be adjusting well and is surely learning a lot from the veterans on the field. In addition to the pictures, the Crew also created a short "get-to-know" interview with Sippola. Check it out!

More updates to come throughout preseason. Only 6.5 weeks until Major League Soccer begins.

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